Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 11

     Another rainy day and time to craft!  Not minding that at all.  My goal today was to finish up one of the many journal 52 pages that I am behind in and also get my challenges and dares done for the week.  I worked on journal prompt for week 20.  The prompt was "book inspiration".  I love to read so this wasn't hard - it was hard to decide what book or books to use.  I went to an old child favorite - Dr. Seuss.  I love his wit and wisdom.  I watercolored the background, and then used pens and pencils to make the pieces to cut out.  I wrote quotes from lots of this books to fill the spaces. 
     Erin over at Bright Owl is back with her zendala dares!  I am so glad she has returned.  She asked us to think "happy" for this dare.  I love the colors black and red together so I went with them to make me happy.
      This week's challenge from Diva was to do something for Beads of Courage.  If you want to read more about this program for children check out her website (sidebar).  It is so wonderful.  I decided on a bit different take on this.  The past few days I have been struggling with decisions about some new medication for my a-fib.  All of this was made much more stressful due to a nurse who was . . . less than kind, shall we say.  It really has been quite of an emotional turmoil for me.  So I chose the heart to be my focus.  Then because I felt like I had been wandering around in a maze, I used the tangle "amaze" to tangle the whole heart.  Nestled in my heart, you will find some courage - perhaps a bit small at the moment, but there nevertheless.   Then I added just a few beads to represent the challenge.  It is very simple, but it means a lot to me particularly right now.
      While painting the background for my journal, I painted a tile to use for Adele Bruno's challenge.  Then I used the tangles she asked us to - all in green.
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a blessed day. 


  1. I love your zendala with the red accents!!!

  2. What a set of lovely pieces, Cathy! I love your Seuss-pirations absolutely! And very clever to include Nzepple in Nipa in the String Thing. Axxx

  3. Love these! I haven't made it to the Diva's challenge yet, just finished my zendala. Now on to some other stuff! LOL So much to create!

  4. you've had a busy week :) i need to find something on youtube and i'll post it on your facebook wall :)

  5. Like the simplicity of your zendala. The red highlight is a great touch.

  6. A very interesting Zendala - beautiful linework and choice of tangles - the sepia just makes for an additional extra touch!


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