Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 3

      Oh please tell me this counts even if I don't have a finished project . . .
      Over the summer I spend a lot of time making cards and getting them ready for the school year.  I give birthday cards to everyone in my school building.  There are Christmas cards to be made.  I also have some other occasion cards on hand.  I start out by choosing a Cricut cartridge that I would like to focus on.  Then I go through magazines and Pinterest to find ideas.  I sketch them out and then grab my Gypsy and start designing.  This usually takes me the better part of one day.  Today, for example, I chose the Folk Art Festival cartridge and worked on designing cards.  When I finished I had 8 cards ready to cut and assemble.  Now when I pull out my cricut, I can finish them up.  I suppose for some this seems like a lot of extra work, but I find it goes pretty smoothly for me.  Here are some pics of my crafting today - I will post the cards when I have a chance to work on them.

     I also use this "over involved" process to work on my scrapbook pages.  With the Gypsy, I can sit and plan pages then when I have time I can cut and work on them.   Thanks for dropping by and visiting.  I am visiting all the sites involved in this challenge, but sometimes I can't get my system to let me leave a comment - but I am enjoying seeing all the work and I will keep trying to let you know!!
      One of my goals this summer is to conquer posting and putting pictures on my blog from my tablet (android).  It certainly would be very convenient if I can do this.  Maybe if I do that for thirty days I will be able to do it without feeling like I am stumbling through the process.  We will see.


  1. Not a finished project yet, but you DID do something creative today! Can't wait to see the cards :D


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