Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 20

     Quite often I haven't followed the prompt for this challenge.  Not that I don't think about it.  It just seems that my creativity takes a turn in another direction.  But today was different.  The prompt was to do a mandala.  I love those so I thought I would follow along.  Besides I was really inspired by Kelly's beautiful organic piece.
     I drew a mandala with the stencils, inked it in and started thinking about tangles to use.  It was very geometric - which a lot of my things tend to be.  It was structured and well laid out.  And boring.
Nope, too boring!

     So I got the stencils back out and put the dots on my paper.   This time instead of drawing in the outline, I "connected" the dots with organic patterns.  Then I filled in all the spaces.  It is not perfectly balanced in that all sides match, but I did keep basic shapes and numbers of things balanced.  For example, if one spot has 5 leaves, all corresponding areas have 5 leaves, even if they are not in the exact same place.
Ta - da!!

     I had a delightful time with this thing.  It was a blast to see it evolve and change.  I am definitely going to try this type of exercise again - maybe tomorrow!
     The stencils I am referring to are sold by Genevieve Crabbe at Tangle Harmony.  Check them out.  I have not used them in this way before but now that I have . . .
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