Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 23

     It is hard to believe I have posted for 23 days straight!  Oh my.  I love this 30 day creative challenge, but these daily posts are hard to get to.  Not the creating part - that is a given over the summer for me, but the posting . . .
      I finished my journal 52 page that I started yesterday.  It is for week 24 and the prompt was courage.  I found a text I like and wrote it in the center of a piece of cardstock.  Then I tangled a border around the text.  The daily prompt was to use a color you are fond of.  Had to be blue or purple.  I debated for quite a while whether to color the whole border, but finally decided on just highlighting some parts.  I like it better that way.
Week 24 - journal 52

      Diva's challenge #173 was given by guest Sharla Hicks this week - "Redux, Remix, and Revisit".  My tiles aren't overly creative in that department but when I saw the directions to use gel pens as a watercolor wash - I couldn't wait.  So I played a bit with betweed - one of my favorite go to tangles and then again with some mooka.   I then played with using my gel pens to "paint" with.  This is so cool!  I plan on maybe another visit to this challenge if I have inspiration this week, but now this is what I have come up with.  Check out the site by guest blogger Sharla Hicks here.  It is really a good bit of information about how to add some color.

       Every Inchie Monday's word was "maid".  I will take one!  I drew a silhouette of a maid and then watercolored the background.  I really wanted to do a tiny feather duster, but couldn't figure out how.  I know when I look over the other entries, I probably will see one - these ladies are super clever.

      Thank you for dropping by and visiting.  Please leave me a comment and perhaps consider following my blog!  Have a blessed day!


  1. LOVE IT ALL... next time you start a 30 day binge... let me know.. .I will do it too... I love things like that... the only problem is that my hubby doesn't get to eat as much as he would like ... LOL... but that is okay... he survives... your work is lovely and creating all this is so GREAT... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  2. WOW! Great job on everything! Love your inchie. I love watercolors! I need to work more on figure drawing. That is really well done! I also love your tangles... they both look sort of "from the ocean" to me. I love the pink and purple one... it looks like a ray to me! COOL!

  3. Oh my,,,,so tiny and yet so perfect!!! I wish I had even a maid as tiny as her, to help out around here!! :0) Share Humanity

    1. OOps! i wanted to say how beautiful your Day 23 Journal page is!! Just beautiful!!! Love it!! And your tiles are lovely too! I haven't gotten to mine yet. And , yes, Sharla Hicks' blog post was very informative to read. :0) Share Humanity

  4. I adore your courage Journal page. this was something I needed to hear today. I also love how you got a whole maid on your inchie. great Job. BTW I am saving a pic of your courage Journal page to have on my desktop. You rock!

  5. I love your tangles and your journal page.
    You did it, you draw a whole maid on your inchie. Well done.

  6. You've done really well, love what you did with Betweed - and as far as the 30 day challenge, I agree, its not the doing but uploading and posting that gets in the way lol :)

  7. Amazing inchie and I love your zentangles - they have a feel of the sea about them and the colours are fabulous.

  8. Always love your artwork and to see what you made for the inchie challenge

    brilliant drawing

    Love Chrissie x

  9. All of them are great. Love your pastel colors in them.

  10. I am so amazed how you can draw such a complex thing on that tiny inch. Very nice. I also love the look of the gel pen. I haven't tried that one yet, but it is on my list. Your tiles are so pretty and soft this way. Great journal page as well.

  11. Lovely, really lovely. Great soft colors too.

  12. Lovely zentangles and inchie


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