Monday, February 24, 2014

Yahoo! It's Monday!

    Yes.  You read that correctly.  It is nice that it is Monday.  Now don't get me wrong, I could use a few more days in this past weekend.  We all could probably.  But Monday means inchies.  And that is great!  This week's word was "dark".  I can't wait to see what the talents of this group put together, because this one was a bit hard.  I decided on a night time scene - after all it is dark.  It makes it somewhat hard to see, but . . . it is dark.
     I finished up two of my journal pages this weekend.  I was "behind" three pages.  Now only one.  Week six the prompt was "the lost art of love letters".   While cleaning out a drawer near my work space I found an email I had printed.  Several years ago, my brother woke up gasping for breath - for a few minutes - it seemed like hours - he simply could not breath.  It goes without saying it terrified both of us.  Facing something like that changes the perspective one sees things with.  The note tucked in the pocket on my journal page is an email my brother sent me the Monday following the "incident", which by the way we think was an allergic reaction to a sinus medicine.  It very simply and beautifully thanks me for being there for him and the things I have done for him throughout our life.  He doesn't say much but he took the chance to say a lot that morning.  I am glad to have a "baby" brother who is also my best friend. 
    You might notice the pocket is my tangle I said had another use for.  I have to say, it was somewhat hard to cut it to fit the page.  Yikes!

  The next week we had to do a journal page with the prompt, "when I grow up".    Well, I haven't grown up too much.  But when I do I know exactly what I want to be - an artist.
   Thanks for dropping by - have a great week!


  1. great idea on DARK. Also love your journal pages... the letters page looks so awesome.

  2. I also love that Mondays mean Inchies. LOl best part of Monday. I love yours, so much great work, love it

  3. Nice Inchie! I really love your Journal page! And from the looks of it you are an artist!!! :0) Share Humanity

  4. Fantastic dark feel! Cute journal page, so well done - you're so talented!


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