Tuesday, February 11, 2014


  Ah, the title alone catches most everyone's attention.  Just the mere mention of that word makes most people's mouth water.  A long time ago when I was still going on family vacations with mom and dad, we went to Hershey, Pa.  I firmly believe that the town smelled like chocolate.  Seriously.  It was a wonderful trip where we got to tour the Hershey factory and of course sample a "few" items.
  Every Inchie Monday's word this week was "chocolate".  My first thought was to buy a random sampling of all sorts of chocolate bars and candies and use the wrappers.  Then I decided a more common sense - while not at all as much fun - approach for my diabetic self would be better.  My brother in the interest of bettering the art community did offer to help with the idea.  How sweet!
  The more common sense approach involved searching through way too much scrapbook paper to find some that I knew had pieces of chocolate all over it.  Then I tore off some aluminum foil and proceeded to try to mold a tiny Hershey kiss.  I think it turned out pretty cool, but I still think the first idea was more . . .uh . . . delicious.
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  1. I admire your restraint and sensible decision making! That background paper is fabulous and I love your little kiss! Great inchie.

  2. Lucky you, Cathy, for being able to visit the Hershey factory!! That would be a dangerous trip for me and my chocoholic family!!! Love your Inchie!!! (looking at all of these chocolate Inchie's , is making my craving intolerable!!!) :0) Share Humanity

  3. Yes, a healthier alternative, but wouldn't it have been fun just to sneak in a tiny taste? Very nicely done.

  4. I love your ideas all of them. I think in all things art you should try some different techniques, like sampling. LOL But I am proud of your self control, also nice that your brother decided to help your artist endeavors as well, lol . I love your story about Hershey, Pa. One day I might go there, I do love the kiss, it looks great! Great story and great job.

  5. Love your chocolate inchie. Your story shows that you are very hard with yourself. Some time life is hard.

  6. Great self control, and a lovely inchie.


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