Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow again!

     I went to school on Monday.  Then Monday afternoon they called off school for Tuesday and Wednesday.  When I woke up on Tuesday I could not believe we didn't go to school, until that is I saw pictures of people who live closer to the school than me on Facebook.  Oh my.  They got a lot of snow.  My turn came this morning when my blast of snow arrived.  And it is still snowing several hours later.  The only issue I have with this wonderful white stuff is I really don't want to go to school all summer.  That would not be fun.
     I got to take time and finish up some dares and challenges.  Yahoo!  I finished up Bright Owl's dare first.  The moment I saw this template I loved it.  But for the life of me, I had one major struggle with getting tangles to look like they belonged in it. 
     Diva's challenge was to think Valentines!  She called this challenge - Valentangles!  I love that word.  It is a fun word.  I think I shall use that word when I tangle with my art club at school - I had hoped to tangle some Valentines with them.
      My journal group - Journal 52 - is already moving ahead to week 6.  I took some time to finish week 5.  The prompt was to do something abstract.  I have loved looking at other people's abstracts,  but I am not an abstract artist.  I used some of my brother's model car paints - the shiniest ones I could find and randomly painted and "smeared" them about my page.  Pretty, but not enough.  I then drew lines and tangled some.  Still lacking.  How about collage?  Sure.  I glued on papers and things.  Last while I know words are not usually part of abstracts - at least not sentences - I decided to include my main thoughts while making this - Where do I start and When do I end?  I am calling this one finished.  I have two good ideas for week 6.  My problem there will be to choose. 
     I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  Mine is definitely eventful - at least with snow.  Please leave me a comment if you can.  I love hearing from you!


  1. I guess a lot of snow has some advantages if you can Zentangle the time away! I think your Diva Challenges work beautifully and particularly like the busy, colourful second one. And your Valentangle is simply gorgeous.
    I'm not an art journaller...maybe one day - but your's looks lovely and has a bit of alsorts in it.
    Hope you're back to school soon.

  2. Everything you posted is just great! You are very talented! Love best the second Dare with all the intricacies and color.

  3. Love the first Zendala, with just a touch of color. And your Valentangle is terrific.

  4. The snow gives you a lot of extra time to tangle :-)
    I like your zendala's, I like the first obe most because it it so 'less is more'.

  5. A burst of creativity in this winter weather! Your valentangle is lovely and so organic.
    I also really like your collaged abstract. Nice!

  6. I really love your work. It really inspires me. Love the Zendalas and really love the Valentine.

  7. All beautiful work. What fun to have a snow day, and be able to tangle.

  8. I love all of your tiles and can't pick a fave! Love you use of color, too.

    Be happy,

    Jacque Solomon

  9. I love the second one most of all! so colorfull


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