Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Kantek Folding Tablet Stand

 Shoplet sent me a Kantek folding tablet stand to have a look at.  It is fun to get a product to review that is one you are going to get a lot of use out of.  This stand will hold a 7" - 10" tablet and something else, but more about that later.  It rotates 360 degrees.  It can be used with the tablet in portrait or landscape mode.  It also folds for convenient storage.  You can find this at on Shoplet's website for considerably less at $19.99 than I found it anywhere else on the web, including my usual go-to Amazon.
     Our house has access to three different tablets so trying out the stand wasn't difficult.  My brother does a lot of flight sims and racing programs on our computer.  In addition to the program on the computer he has apps he uses to supplement the program.  While the tablet case has a way to prop it open, the angle makes the tablet hard to see.  So he took our Asus tablet and put it on our desk using the stand.  It was a little bulky fit for the stand with the case on, but it works.  The one problem is the rotating stand - which is basically good.  The issue is there is no way to lock the stand so if you bump it or reach for the tablet it shifts position.  A lock on the rotation would be wonderful.
      I use the school's ipad when I teach class.  Lots of times small groups of children rather than one child is utilizing the tablet.  This stand makes it easy to set up for several children to be able to see the screen (and not fuss about who is holding the tablet!).  I would love to purchase another one for classroom use only.
    The last tablet I checked it on was my Acer.  The cover I have on the Acer is pretty thick and that made it impossible to put the tablet on the stand in the vertical position.  However I was able to get it in placing the tablet horizontally - but it was snug.  I think if I was going to use the stand and tablet a lot together I would probably take it out of the cover or buy a slimmer one.
     The next picture gives you an idea of the back and the different angles you can use.  Having more than one angle makes it easy to find one that helps with glare and also gives you a choice as to what is easier for you to see.

    And now for my greatest discovery about this stand -  it will hold my gypsy.  My gypsy is a hand held device that connects to my Cricut cutting machine.  It is about the size of a game-boy.  I have trouble holding the machine for long periods of time while designing.  It hurts my hand.  But . . . it fits on this stand!  Now with the cover on my gypsy, it doesn't fit snug, but it works.  I absolutely love this unplanned for feature. 

     Check out the Shoplet links and this really cool product.  It is well worth the money if you have a tablet you use on a table or desk (or a gypsy designing machine). 

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