Sunday, February 16, 2014

Every Inchie and some extras

    Needless to say, I have been having some serious fun with crafting these last few days.  Our school was called off for 4 days last week so . . . ahem . . . having nothing better to do - I worked on projects.  De - light - ful!  But now as I think about 6 a.m. in the morning and getting back into the routine . . .
    Every Inchie Monday's word was dual.  Seriously?  What on earth to do?  I can't wait to see the creativity this group will show in dealing with this word.  My entry is somewhat lame, but I could not think of anything unique.  I took a dual tipped marker and drew on my inchie.  Really creative, huh. 
     The next two things are not for any project or anything, just having some fun.  I saw a grouping of nine tiles that someone had tangled on and decided I would try doing a grouping of 4.  I cut a 7x7 piece of paper, drew the string, then cut them apart and didn't look at how they went back together until I finished all four.  Sort of fun. 
Four square

     Hope you have a nice week and thank you for dropping by and - hopefully - leaving me some sunshine.  Oh, and by the way, the groaning you will hear around 6 a. m. tomorrow morning will be me so do not be alarmed.


  1. I do love your inchie, what a great idea. I dont even know what duel tipped marker is, so I am impressed. Also love your other works, such beautiful work. Always impressed.

  2. Mega clever inchie!!!! Looooove those tangles! That's a beautiful grey - what is that pen? Oh, I know how you feel with work. Oh well, you've won yourself 4 days and that's better than not winning 4 days......... no?

  3. I had to smile at what you did for an inchie. You will have to hope over to my blog to see that great minds DO think alike! Also, I LOVE the grey ribbon winding through that bottom tile!

  4. Oh that is such clever thinking for your inchie and it looks great too.

  5. Nice logic for that inchie :-) never occurred to me!


  6. Nice!!! What a perfect depiction of the word dual!!! Your tangles are all so beautiful!!:0) Share Humanity

  7. Very nice drawings. Love your inchie it is very creativ. Me too, never heard of dual tipped marker.

  8. Crikey, your tangles are so beautiful Cathy!!!!!! As for your Inchie, it is not lame at all but a clever idea! x


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