Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dare #92

     The template from Erin over at Bright Owl was awesome this week.  Wait.  Do I say that nearly every week?   Well, even so, they are awesome.  The first one I did is going to reappear soon on my page for Journal 52.  I plan on using it there, so you will see it again.  I stamped over the template and then just played around on it.  Fun.  When I finished I had an idea for my journal page. 
    The next go at this template took off with out consulting me.  I really didn't have a plan exactly.  I began by drawing what I thought was going to be a rather geometric filled tile.  Then I glanced at it.  I saw Easter lilies.   I could not shake that image so the lilies took over. 
Easter lilies
     On the last one, I just played around.  No particular plan and nothing "took over".  I did want to use my own tangle, "zanzee", which I did around the border.  Other than that just tangle playtime!!
   Thank you for dropping by.  School is back from the snow days and I feel a bit swamped with planning - again.  I am hoping this will fall into a routine if the weather ever lets us get in to one. 


  1. They all look great. Think I like the first one best. Maybe it is how the red makes a great background.

  2. They are all three so very beautiful! The third one is probably my favorite, I love the depth in it.

  3. All three are lovely! Especially I like the first one with this wonderful lacy appearance and the great background!

  4. I love them all, Cathy - the coloured ones particularly stand out as very special tiles. I love how different they all are too!

  5. Nice work, Cathy. My favorite is the one with the green, just because :)

  6. 3 great zendalas, Cathy. As I looked at each one in turn, I thought that was my favorite. And then the next one would pop up, and I thought that's the one. So I give up: I like them all.


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