Saturday, March 1, 2014

Curvy Gridlock

     This is totally weird.   I have been playing around with curvy grids ever since I saw a video by Helen Williams.  I have been trying out other grid tangles in wavy lines in my calendar, on scraps of paper - you name it.  Then Diva gives us a challenge that should have been right up my (current) alley and boom!  I could not think of or produce one interesting idea.  Why?  I struggled and tried to be unusual and nothing.  So I took the best of the worst and decided if I was going o get a post done this better be it.  Not good.  Not as nice as the ideas pouring out over my papers as I sat and ate my lunch this week. 
     I think I have been over-obsessing about some ideas I have for my classroom.  Not altogether a bad thing, but not very helpful to a challenge.  Sometimes the strangest things hit my mind and I just can't shake them - like using QR codes in my room and writing a program for a my kiddos on something called nearpad.  Creative, I guess, but not in the same way.  But I can be very obsessive about an idea.  Until I work it out, I can't seem to put it to rest.  The problem is in my current position ( which I will say a hundred times I love!), I am essentially "an army of one".  I have no grade level team to sit and work out things with.  So I have to muddle through all this alone.  That's probably okay since I might actually drive others crazy! 
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  1. You are too hard on yourself, your tile is quite pretty and I love the grid at the background.


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