Saturday, March 22, 2014

Challenge #159

     For some reason this has been a hectic week.  I am not sure why.  Nothing seems to be really all that different, but I seem to be moving in slo-mo this week.  Guess we all have them.  For Diva's challenge we had to do something St. Patrick inspired.  I found myself wanting to play with the tangle snugz so it became my focal point. 

The other tile is one I did for Adele Bruno's It's a  String Challenge.    I love that we have to use a certain string and certain tangles.  They are quite often ones I would not choose to use.  But that is the beauty of them.  They make me grow and try new things.

Thanks for dropping by.  One more week until spring break.  Did you hear the shout when I said that?  I can't wait.  Maybe then I can check out the other blogs and leave some comments.  I really miss doing that. 


  1. I like both your tiles, but most of all the first one. I like the design and the color green.

  2. Both are lovely! Especially I like the first one with the little touch of green!


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