Monday, March 3, 2014


   That the Every Inchie Monday word this week - explode!  The only thing my mind could wrap itself around was the old Batman TV show where when they got into a fight words like "Pow! Kazam! and Bang!" burst onto the screen.  I really wanted something else but I think this was just the way I was supposed to go.  Sometimes you have to let the paper and pen lead you instead of the other way around.
     Hope you are having a great day and thanks for dropping by.  I have a ton of things to get busy on - some I will tell about later when I see if it all works out.  I will say please keep your fingers crossed for me - I am looking at one of my "dream come true" kind of things. 


  1. Good luck with whatever it is you are up to. Great idea for your inchie.

  2. Good luck on making your dreams come true! Love this inchie! This is what I was thinking of for mine but I couldnt get it to look this good. Love this one for sure!

  3. Cartoon strip explosion! Gat choice :-)


  4. Holy Inchie Batman!
    And good luck for your dream come true.

  5. Funny and a great idea. I love the cartoon words for explosion.

  6. WOW! We went with a similar idea, so obviously, I love yours. I never look at anyone else's until I post mine... glad I waited, I might have went back to the champagne bottle!


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