Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Challenge #158 and A Horse

     I love this challenge.  I love crescent moon and Diva dance both.  So this was a fun one.  I got inspired by a fellow tangler's art work on a Facebook group.  Her work is very different than mine, but she did inspire me.  Mine reminds me of muscles or arteries - the sort of thing you are forced to look at while waiting and waiting for the doctor to finally come back to see you.

        The other one is one of Ben Kwok's lovely templates.  I always print them, but I am very far behind in doing them.  Perhaps I will have a lot of time over summer.
     Well, fortunately the day is over.  This crazy time change (which does have its benefits)  has really zapped me.  I am ready for weekend.  To top it off, today I had to sub in one of our first grade classrooms.   The children were delightful and it was fun, but not my "element".  I prefer a bit older.
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. Lovely tangles, Cathy. The first one DID make me think of muscles but I think you put the thought in my mind. It's actually a very clever take on a 'string' creating spaces within spaces. I keep meaning to try some of Ben's templates - this is a beautiful one and you get a great shadow and light effect.

  2. What a great and different way to tangle! I like it.

  3. I love the way that you did your first one, with the play between positive and negative! I will have to take a look at the templates, they really look fun!

  4. Unique style in the first tile that works well with these tangles.


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