Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sharpie Pens Review

      I love pens.  I love wonderful colors.  So when I opened the package to review from Shoplet I wasn't disappointed.
     Inside were three packages of Sharpie markers and pens.  Of course the Sharpie Neon markers caught my eye first.  The color on those caps alone made me smile.  The package says you can even put them under a black light to make them fluorescent!  I wish I had a black light to check it out.  The second package has gold and silver metallic  markers.  I have to admit I was skeptical about how pretty these would be and how easy they would be to use.  Lots of times I have found those metallic paint type pens to clog  or either pour out.  The last package is a refillable black pen - ink pen sort .
     I decided to give the black pen and the neon pens a work out first since I had a journal page to get done for a group I belong to.  I used the black pen to draw with instead of my normal micron.  I found it to flow smoothly across my cardstock and have a very nice looking fine line.
     The more I drew with this pen the more I liked it.  It feels nice in my hand and I love the smoothness of the line.  I really like that it is refillable, so I can use it without knowing it  will have to thrown away. I go through pens pretty fast so I am hoping this one lasts a long time.  I can get several months out of my microns - it would be nice to do the same with this one. 
     Then I pulled out the colors - oooo, pretty! - and started coloring my page.  Since for the journal we had to have a limited palette, I used only the pink and green.  The pink went on really smooth with no lines showing.  I liked that.  It was a very vibrant color.  (Still wish I had that blacklight).  The green was pretty, but didn't startle the senses the way the pink did. 
     Because I needed some variance on my page, I had to use another marker - for another shade of pink.  You can see the difference in how that marker shows the coloring stroke.

      Then I pulled out the sunglasses Sharpie sent me along with the pens.  They were in bad need of some bling!  Well, at least some really cool colors.  The markers went on the sunglasses well.  I have let them dry for a few hours - probably not at all necessary - and they seem to hold up to my handling them without fading.  We will see what a hot summer day does. 

      I plan on using the pens on some glass ware.  I have some mugs to decorate for future Christmas presents and the gold and silver would be wonderful for that.  I also think I might try using them on Christmas ornaments.  The gold and silver paint does not clog and comes out very evenly.  The point is not very fine to write with - but on large lettering it would be beautiful.
      I love Sharpie markers.  I use them when I work on posters for my classroom all the time.  They are reliable and have nice colors to choose from.  I don't use them for my drawing too much at home.  The colors are good, the sharp point is great - but I can't handle long periods of time with the smell.  Which is a real shame because I like the markers.  But for the long - really long - hours I spend bent over my art work, they just wouldn't work.  For the relatively short time I used them to draw my journal page, I began to get a headache.  Fortunately the Sharpie pen does not have that problem or at least I didn't notice it, because I love that pen.  I will still use the others but I have to limit the time and think about where I am working.  In my large open classroom, the odor is not so noticeable, but in my small work space at home - not so good.
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