Thursday, March 6, 2014

Challenge, Dare and a new tangle

    I have been so busy with tangle projects lately.  I love the challenges and dares as they almost always make me try something new or out of my comfort zone.  They get me thinking.
    Diva had us use the tangle Charlie in our tile this week.  I like this one though I am not sure I like how it fits in my tile.
   Dare # 93 by Erin Olsen was an interesting template.  We had to turn it into something like a snowflake.  That was a major problem for me.  The moment I saw this really gorgeous template all I could think of was bolts.  Yep.  It looked like bolts to me.  My mind just could not see anything else.  I even printed one to do with bolts later on this week when I have time.  So to take a very mechanical looking template - nuts and bolts - and turn it into a delicate organic snowflake?!  Okay.  That was a dare!
    I got to playing with a pattern I saw in an item my brother gave me for Christmas.  It was the border on some paper.   I thought it might make an interesting tangle and so I worked out the steps and then decided to name it "jaracu".  The name comes from the first two letter of each of his names - first, middle, and last.  The tile beneath shows several variations of this tangle.
    Hope your week is going okay!  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Nice tiles and I can't wait to try out Jaracu.

  2. Lovely example of Charlie here and I do like your snowflake. Jaracu looks incredibly flexible and versatile and your tile showcasing it is great. Axxx

  3. Both the template and Charlie are beauriful. So is your new tangle, thank you for sharing.

  4. Wonderful lacy zendala und lovely tile with Charlie! And you for sharing your new tangle Jaracau! I´ll try it soon!

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