Sunday, June 28, 2015

Days 177 - 179

     We had some rain!  And now it is cooler!  Yahoo!  I would love to live where this was the type of weather year round.  I probably would miss cold and snow.  I definitely would not miss heat. 
      Friday was day 177 of the create each day challenge.  Can you believe I have not missed a day?!  I wonder if I can actually make it 365 days!  That would be awesome.  I don't get to post everyday, but I do manage to get the art work done.  Of course when school starts back up . . .  For today I did the Square One challenge over on Facebook.  We had to use the tangle meer.  I honestly am not crazy about  that tangle.  I never feel comfortable about how the lines go.  Along with meer I added a variety of borders just to jazz it up.
      I also worked on four more ATC's for the swap.  I am almost through.  So here is group 4 of my cards.
      I had great hopes for day 178, but I didn't seem to put it together well.  I plan on trying another of these 3 panel thingies.  I just don't feel this one "works".  I am using it for the Diane Clancy challenge - letters JWO and also the Facebook challenge stacked and journaled. 
oolong, whirl, jesterz
     I also did my last set of ATC cards.  Yahoo!  They are now in sheet protectors and ready for a trip to the post office on Tuesday.  Then I get to wait and see what goodies I will get!
     I worked on my inchie for day 179 and Every Inchie Monday.  The word was enjoy.  I could not think of anything at first.  Then a strange creative idea hit me!  So I here is the inchie - N (in) JOY.  Make sense?  I may have mentioned I can sometimes have a crazy way of seeing things.  Hopefully it will be different. 
     The inchie is probably all I will accomplish today.  I have got to get started writing a review for some pens.  I love doing reviews and the cool products I get to try out - but I have to make myself write about them.  I plan on writing the review to post with tomorrow's art work - hopefully.
     Thank you for dropping by!  Have a great day!


  1. Your art cards continue to be totally amazing!! Just lovely!! I do love your J-W-O ... I think the way it dances from my panel to the next is wonderful!! Great job drawing every day!! :) :) Thank you for joining us!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. I love all the great designs, you are so talented! I also love the inche, what a great take on the theme!

  3. I do like your J, W, O page! Great idea.

  4. Yes, I love the creative way you added the N in enjoy! The rest of your pieces are really nice as well!

  5. Lovely work all of it. I love the creative way your brain works with enjoy! great inchie.

  6. Some fabulous tangles and inchie.


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