Thursday, June 18, 2015

Days 166 - 169 Time to catch up!

       As I have said before, the art work is done daily.  It is just the blogging holding me back.  So I hope you are up to a longer post!  I have 4 days of artsy stuff to get posted!  Might want to put your feet up for a bit and get comfortable . . .
     Day 166, which was Monday by the way, I worked on my inchie challenge and the challenge for Suzy Mosh's New to Me.  The thing about the inchie challenge - it is a small piece of art work, just an inch, but I have increased my vocabulary so much.  One new word every now and then is pretty good.  This week's word was "etna".  Other than an insurance ad on TV many years ago, I had no clue what to do.  I found out it names a volcano.  There is also an anime character by that name.  I chose to go with the volcano.
       For the New to Me challenge, we had to use a new tangle beginning with the letter R and also a tangle by artist Lila Popcheff.  My new tangle was roscoe.  But only after a lot of practice.  This one is really cool, but it evaded me for a while.  Once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed it.  The tangle in the center is trapt 1 by Lila.   Cool looking tangle, isn't it?

     The challenges over at Made by Joey are alphabet monotangles.  We are given one tangle each week and have to focus on just that tangle.  This week, day 167, was to use just the tangle bunzo.  Now I really love that tangle, but could seem to get really creative with a way to use just that tangle.  So I used color to vary it.
     Since Diva's Laura Harms is a colorful person, she chose the theme of "colors of the rainbow" for challenge #222.  This was my day 168.  I took the tangle zenplosion and turned it into sort of a zendala.  I like the colors. 
     Adele Bruno gave us a really cool string for her string challenge.  I am not sure if you can see that it is the letters DAD, for Father's day.  Pretty neat, huh?  I used the tangles umble, diamonds and squares, and double d's for my art for day 169.   
     I guess that wraps up the last few days.  It will take me forever to link up all these challenges.  After that I think I will work on some more of my ATC's for the swap.  I need some zen right now.  Things are bit rough and the peace of drawing will be nice.  Have a wonderfully, blessed day!


  1. Wow you have been busy Cathy! Thanks for sharing your Bunzo challenge this week, I love the shading that lifts it off the page!
    ~ joey ~

  2. These are all good work! Your DIVA tile is a color blast in the face! Good job on the TNTM tile...I looked at Roscoe too, but decided it would be too confusing to use. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  3. I'm surprised that no one did the insurance, Etna. Your volcano is super. I also really like the Bunzo in the blue and black, and the Diva tile is pretty as well!

  4. So much great work, I really love that first tangle! and the inchie is great, love the colors

  5. Wonderful work! I really like the blue and black Bunzo tile and the Diva tile is gorgeous! I like the highlighted colors on your Etna inchie too.


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