Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Days 159 - 161

     Monday is the day for the Diva challenge!  Each year at this time we are asked to show our support for Beads of Courage by doing a tile with that theme.  I decided to enlarge the beads so I only have a few on the tile for day 159.  Last year, I think I did lots of little ones - can't really remember.  While the beads are for children battling various diseases, I think probably each one of us could start a strand for ourselves.  We have all seen times when we had to dig deep to  find the courage to move forward.
     Susy Mosh's New to Me challenge can be a real challenge.  Sometimes, I can't find a new tangle to use.  Could that perhaps suggest I spend too much time tangling if I use most of them at some point?  Uh, let's not go there.  Moving right along, for day 160, we had to use tangles that started with the letter D (that were new, of course) and also use a tangle by artist, Genevieve Crabe.  She is an awesome artist and does so much with her weekly newsletter to keep people informed about new tangles and things.  I went first to her tangle site to find one to use.  I discovered a tangle by her that I had not used before - dessus-dessous.  Surprise!  It also began with a D.  Was that lucky or what??  I also used the tangle demi, another by her but more familiar to me.
     Today is day 161.  I have had the Cricut out to cut out an alphabet to use as templates.  I also will probably go back to the Cricut when I finish here.  But I also took a few minutes to do my string challenge for Adele Bruno.  This string and the tangles she gave us to use presented some problems.  I couldn't figure out how to put it all together.  I am sort of happy with it.   The tangles are nvelope, nipa, nuwave, and neuron.
      My crafting table is now a major disaster!  I have cutting things and drawing things everywhere.  Probably I should decide what I am going to do and clean a space to do it.  A messy crafting table really doesn't bother me - except it is also the dining table.  And there is no room for a plate (or two) later on.  One day - I will have a craft ROOM. 
      Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day. 


  1. Cathy, I love the sentiments you incorporated into your tile for the Diva challenge. It is really lovely. The letters remind me of Scrabble tiles.

  2. Love the beads of courage, they are beautiful! I also love the new to me challenge. great work this week

  3. I really like these tiles. You did a great job on the DIVA challenge! Thanks for being part of the "That's New to Me!" challenge this week!

  4. I love your Beads of Courage. Decorated beads like the ones you drew always fascinate me and the little square letter ones remind me of the newborn baby bracelet beads that spell their name. Beautiful! I love how you used the purple in your New To Me tile - you did a great job on Genevieve's tangles!

  5. Your beads of courage are different from all others that I saw and I love them.

  6. Hi Cathy, I love the tile you did with my tangles. It's always a thrill to see someone using them.


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