Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Days 152 and 153

     Hello!  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  It is not raining here and the weather is very pleasant.  Yahoo! 
     Day 152 was the day for my inchie!  The word this week was pillow!  I promise I seriously thought about a really cute 3D stuffed pillow.  But that is as far as I got.  Being needle and thread challenged I decided on drawing a pillow.  I am sure if you go over to Every Inchie Monday (see sidebar), you will see some awesome interpretations of this word.  This group is fantastic.
     Somehow I am missing the challenges over at Facebook's Stacked and Tangled.  So for day 153 I worked on two that I had overlooked.  While I love Facebook, I do not like the lack - in my opinion - of organization.  The first one is for the challenge, Name Your Stripes.  It also is going to be for the alphabet challenge - YZA.  I used the tangles zanzee (mine!), zanella, yewdee, amalea and arckles. 
     The other challenge at Stacked and Tangled I missed was to use string #157 and stack some tangles in it.  I used cadent, come and go, c-scape, and chainging. 
     To me it looks like the top of a knitted bonnet or cap!  Oh well, not intentional.  Now I am going to pull out the Cricut and cut some really adorable kiddos for my door at school.  I cut and plan a paper doll for each child to show who is in my room.  It is a ton of work, but honestly just as much fun!  I try to make it look as much like the child as I can.  (Okay, I did love paper dolls as a child)  I will share some of these along as I get them done.  It usually takes several weeks, so it may be awhile. 
     Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a great day!


  1. Love the pillow. I also love the tiles. I don't know how you do them but they all look so awesome

  2. Wonderful artwork and a gorgeous inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Cute nice inchie :-) I like your two tangle tiles with wonderful contrast in it. Nice work!

  4. All turned out great. Am adorable Inchie, and Joeys was really full and had a lot of interest. Your last one just has a different form. It's nice to see that once and awhile!!

  5. I like your YZA, Cathy, with it's order and grid patterns and then...I agree with Sarah, that the different form and curves of the other Zentangle is equally interesting. And like you, Cathy, I THOUGHT about stitching, then I thought better of it! Have a brilliant day! c

  6. I sure know what you mean about the thought of actually sewing such a tiny pillow! Your work is just inspired this week! I especially love the last tile!

  7. very nice linework on you YZA.

  8. You have (again) been so busy and did a wonderful job. I like the YZA pice, always nice to see how different all are.

  9. Your Y-Z-A entry is lovely!! And how cool to use your own tangle!! :) Your other tile is also very nice!! Thank you for joining us!!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  10. very cute pillow - I think I need a nap now.


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