Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 155

      Even though the weatherman says there is a possibility of evening showers, the weather right now is gorgeous - perhaps a bit warm.  We were out playing a little with Lakota and being very large and black, he just can't take the heat for very long.  Honestly I don't do so well for very long either.  So I headed inside to tangle up some challenges. 
      The first one I completed was for Made by Joey.  We had to use tangle string #006 and tangles that began with a J.  My tangle choices were jajazz and jetties.   I really like this tile.  It is always a favorite of mine to use black and white with a touch of red.
      Diva wanted us to try Alice Hendon's tangle "boxed in" for the UMT challenge.  I think I want to play with this tangle some more.  It is a lot of fun and the shading just makes it pop!  The other tangle is a variation of Amy Broady's troellog. 
     I almost did not do Adele Bruno's string challenge this week.  The tangles she chose were some of my absolute favorites, but I could not get the string drawn.  I drew and erased a dozen times.  It nearly drove me nuts.  I am glad I persevered though because I really like everything about this tile.  The color of pink, my favorite tangle - nzeppel.  Everything.  Guess that shows why you should not give up.
     Now to get all of these posted to their appropriate sites!  That is always an endeavor.  Thank you for coming by and checking this out.  I hope your day is filled with lots of blessings!


  1. Cathy, I love your responses to these challenges. It always amazes me how we all start with the same instructions and we all end up someplace completely different! I dug right into the String Thing and felt good about that, but the Diva's thing, no so much.
    You just never know, hmm? Like your pink ribbons especially. Have a brilliant day! c

  2. All are beautiful and the first one made me laugh. I saw a 'ghost' right away and I like that.
    Here in the Netherlands is had been quite cold for a while and today it will be 32 C all of a sudden. That's a bit much isn't it? For next week the say it will be 17 again. Weird.

  3. All are lovely! Especially I like the second one!l

  4. Great job on the first with that string! I filled in around it because mine was not done as pretty as yours. Nice Diva Challenge tile. Nice shading and contrast. Sarah.

  5. Nice work! I love that touch of pink too!

  6. All of your tiles are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your challenge!
    ~ joey ~

  7. All three are beautiful. I like the little pop of pink in the last one, but then pink is my favorite color. They all turned out great. Nicely done!


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