Thursday, June 25, 2015

Days 174 - 176

      For the Diva challenge #223, we were to use the new tangle, umble.  Honestly at first I really was not sure how I liked this tangle.  After playing with it for awhile, I mellowed a bit.  I doubt it will ever be a go-to tangle for me, but it got a bit more likeable. 
Day 174
      Made by Joey's challenge was to do a monotangle with "cornerz".  I struggled in my mind to figure out how to make this tangle interesting as a monotangle.  Finally I decided that some of those cornerz were just begging to be set free!  So they escaped!  I kind of like the feeling of escaping!
Day 175
      I also worked on another piece for today.  It is sort of a two day project.  I have not put anything up on the facebook group "Journaled and Tangled".  The challenge was to use either a template by Genevieve Crabe or one of her stencils.  I won a set of her stencils about a year ago and love them, so using them was my choice.  They are so simple to use (even I can do it).  The results are always fun to see.
     Just a bit of time for some art work today.  Right now I am chilling from having been out for a bit.  I cannot stand heat and today is plenty hot!  I finished up the tile to send to Adele Bruno's string challenge, so I could go ahead and post today.  I plan on working on some of my ATC cards later on.
Day 176
      I hope you enjoyed your stay here for a bit!  Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Oh yes, very clever using Cruffle within Mel Mel. Also allowing your cornerz to escape. All the tiles are beautiful.

  2. Really nice Cornerz! You have accomplished a lot in one week, thanks for sharing them!

  3. beautiful tiles, i like the color, very nice


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