Sunday, June 14, 2015

Days 164 and 165

     I am overly tired today.  Lakota has allergies something terrible and he woke us up at 5 this morning really biting and carrying on.  So I went to make him some of his special "pimiento cheese".   It really isn't pimiento cheese.  It is grated cheese with a tiny bit of mayo to hold it together and to top it off 2 benedryls tucked somewhere inside.  It is the ONLY way to get a pill in him.  We have tried everything.  After that he went to sleep like a baby and I lay awake tossing and turning!  Maybe I needed a bowl of "pimiento cheese". 
    Yesterday, day 164,  I worked on two challenges.  I finished the challenge for Square One on facebook.  We had to use the tangle "flux".  I am sort of neutral about this tile - nothing really special.  The second one is for Made by Joey.  She is beginning an alphabet monotangle each week.  This week was the letter A and the tangle "aruka".  I love that tangle, but it is a real challenge for me to keep the lines where they need to be.  Of course, it didn't help that I put four on the same tile!
Flux with Spoolies
       Today is day 165.   I started this yesterday, but didn't finish it until this morning.  I have gotten behind in my Journal52 challenge.  My goal is to be caught up by the time school starts - because we know I will get lost some then!  This week's prompt was to do a "Silly Animal Zoo".  I had fun doing this page, but honestly I am not super crazy about how it turned out. 
     I think for the rest of the afternoon I am going to look at some school things.  My goal is to have the year mapped out for math (the subject I plan).  I am doing this in hopes it will move things along a bit faster next year - we will see.  And also honestly, I do this because I actually enjoy planning.  Weird, huh?
     Have a wonderful day!


  1. Cool Arukas! Compact and they fit wonderfully in the space. Beauties! Sarah

  2. Love your challenges! I'm really impressed that you not only fit 4 Arukas on one tile but they all connect too! Very nice ~ joey ~

  3. I like the "bubbled" centers on your Arukas!


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