Monday, September 1, 2014

Key Cabinet Review

Electronic Lock Key Cabinet     

     Time for another review!  How does one review a product that I am not certain I will use?  Lots of careful observation and reading about the product - which I have done.  This box was designed to hold 30 keys and keep them safe and organized.  By all appearances it can live up to that expectation.  It is very sturdy and heavy.  It measures 12"H x 9 7/8"W x 2 1/2"D.  It is made by Fireking, a name I am familiar with.  The box is constructed from heavy gauge steel.

     There are 30 numbered key tags to help with organization.  It also has 5 yellow tags to use for loaned keys.  There is also a key control chart to mount inside the box.  On the top of the box is a slot to drop keys into when they need to be returned.

     Batteries are provided to set up the alarm system.  Which was the only difficult thing I encountered.  It was a bit hard to get it set, but once I did it works great.  The alarm is a numeric key pad.  It will automatically lock you out after three wrong entries and an alarm will go off.  Two manual over ride keys are provided.  It also comes with all the hardware you need for mounting.

     All in all it is a nice looking piece of equipment.  The price seemed steep - to me - but I haven't ever priced or purchased one of these so it may not be.  It sells for around $93.00.
     Check out this key box over at

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