Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pens Review

       It is no secret I love pens - particularly pretty ones.  I also love pretty paper.  So when Shoplet asks me to review pens and I get to keep them to play with - no problem! 
       My package had lots of pens in it.  The first I looked at was a Pilot FriXon Erasable Pen.  Generally I tend not to like erasable pens.  The ink seems to want to "skip".  I used this on several papers for school (cheap notebook paper) and then again in my journal.  I didn't notice any grabbing or missing marks.  It has a nice feel to it - the pen is large so it fits in my hand comfortably.  As you can see from the photo (I hope) it does erase.  However it leaves a bit of a trail behind, but really no different than a pencil might.  It also has somewhat "smudgy" ink.  Not a problem, if you let it dry a bit before moving your hand across it.

       An erasable highlighter?  Really?  Now how cool is that?!  I can see lots of uses within my classroom.  I tried it on several surfaces and was very satisfied with how it worked.  I have never seen one of these and really wish it had been around when I was in school.  They can be purchased by the dozen at around $11.00.  Not a bad price and erasable too.

      Before I could get to reviewing today, I had a lot of school work to do.  So I grabbed one of the pens from this collection - the Acroball.   I like the grip on this pen.  It is designed to be comfortable.  It also writes a very smooth black ink.  I plan on taking this one to school to use, since black ink can be needed at times.  However, I will guard it because it writes so nicely!

      And now for the "pretties".  The pens are pretty - but that ink!  The ink from the Pilot B2P Pens
 is really cool!  I love the colors.  These are gel pens, made from recycled water bottles!  They sort of have kept that water bottle look!  That is so neat.  The ink, as I said, is gel and a very bright color!  I like these very much!

      All of these things can be found over at  Check them out1    

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