Sunday, September 7, 2014

99 Red Balloons

      Every Inchie Monday's word of the week is "red".  I had tons of thoughts.  Strawberries, cherries, hearts, red lips - the ideas seemed endless.  But the whole while I spread my pens and "stuff" out to work on this inchie, I could not stop humming a song from my era that I loved - "99 Luft Balloons".  I loved that song.  So despite my wonderful ideas,  it had to be red balloons.  The only problem is that now I have that song in my head, it won't go away.  If you want to hear this beautiful song, head over to this link -  Red Balloons.  It is a beautiful song in English and German. 
     I completed a few more tiles.  One is for a string challenge by Adele Bruno.  The other is for a facebook group. 

      Hope you are having a blessed day and thank you for dropping by!!


  1. Oh, I know how a song can just drive you, and everyone around you, crazy! Love those balloons and your Quib is wonderful.

  2. Remember that song very well. Love your work. Especially love the Quib one for Square One.

  3. I love that song!!!! We heard it over the weekend! My son asked me what the big deal was over the balloons lol. I love the rest of your work. great job

  4. I saw the title of your post before I saw the inchie and it made me smile at the memory of the song and thinking what an original idea. Then I saw the inchie and just thought WOW! L>O>V>E> it!


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