Saturday, September 20, 2014

Challenge time!

    Yes, I know I said last post I needed some relaxation.  I need it even more this week-end.  It has been a very difficult week.  I have a wonderful group of boys and girls (third grade) this year.  They are a very challenging class.  They are need a lot of "catch up" in order to get through the curriculum.  That's okay.  Hopefully we will make it.  But that is stressful.  Then there is about 100 new things coming across us teachers' plates this year.  Lots of changes to how we do things.  None of them "bad", in fact most of them very good changes.  Just new and hard to learn (for the moment, I hope).  Add to all that I have a new working arrangement.  It is causing me a lot of difficulty.  I have always viewed myself as having once had a lack of confidence - well, this new person has taken that award away from me!  My goal is to help her see herself as valuable and a potentially good teacher (she's a student teacher), but it is wearing a bit thin on me. 
     So yep, zen was what I needed!  Big time.  First off Diva challenge!  We had to use phicops and Diva dance tangles.  I love both of them so I actually got two done!

     I also got my inchie done for this past week (and the one for next week too, but I won't share that yet).  The inchie challenge word was "schedule".  I decided to write my day's schedule into one inch.  Well, actually, I wrote it into a small space and then punched the inch out.  It looks crowded and too busy and there is not enough space . . . . uh, sort of like my day - crowded, busy and not enough time.
I hope you are having a very blessed day.  Take care and leave me some sunshine!  Lots of sunshine!


  1. I like your responses to the Diva's Challenge, the second one in particular. I also like your inchie solution. It shows how crowded our lives can become.

  2. your inchie is fabulous - truly does show how busy your schedule is. I'm a teacher on long term disability and I sympathise with your problems. They always seemed to be changing how we taught things. Your phicops an diva dance is very nice. = both of them

  3. love all the work. I am glad that you can draw to relieve your stress as thinking of drawing makes me stress LOL. But I am glad that you do what you do, it is great, and your inchie kinda looks like my whole week in 1 day! God bless you for being a teacher and teaching 3rd grade. I wouldnt mind teaching but i would have to have teenagers, have a blessed and stressless rest of your weekend

  4. Brilliant inchie idea! Love, love, love your artwork!

  5. Cathy, Many blessings for your upcoming week!!! I have to say being a daughter of a teacher and now helping out in my kids classes, I give you teachers many many praises!!! You are our future!!! Keep on doing what your doing because you do make a difference! (And I bet you are an awesome teacher!)

    Your Inchie is fantastic! and Your tiles look like you were totally enjoying yourself and finding your Zen! They are beautiful!!!
    :0) Share Humanity

  6. I like the way you present your inchie! The other tiles are so very beautiful, especially the first one.

  7. I really love those "roots" coming out of the Diva Dance! And, that schedule. Sigh!


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