Sunday, September 14, 2014


    After this week, I needed some serious relaxation!  I used this time to work on some facebook challenges and the challenge for Diva.  Since I have a day of school work ahead of me, I guess I best not be too wordy.  I do wish for an actual 2 day week-end, instead of one them being spent all day on school work.  Ah well . . .
Adele Bruno's string challenge
Diva's challenge to use "ing"
Facebook challenge to use "fescu"
      Thanks for dropping by!  Now it is off to the land of lesson plans and papers to grade!  Have a blessed day!


  1. Love your tiles and the use of color in the first two tiles. I like the Drupe in the little teardrop of the string.

  2. great work, glad that you got to relax a bit

  3. I like the second. Something about a quick pop of color always adds drama. I love drama. I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE for drama. ;)

  4. All three are beautiful, I like the orange line in the ING one. I hope the next weekend will be better for you. Keep calm!!!!

  5. These are all so nice, Cathy, but I still like the aura around the Fescu best!


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