Sunday, September 27, 2015

Days 265 - 270 - Oops! Another Massive Art Post!

     I really enjoyed the week I posted more frequently.  It is much easier to link to one or two challenge sites, rather than soooo many.  But this was a busy school work week.  Who am I kidding, they all are!
     I totally love Every Inchie Monday.  It's tiny.  It is a challenge.  It is one inch of fun!  For this week's challenge, day 265, we had to do an inchie for the word "myth".  What is more of a myth than Loch Ness?  Well, maybe Bigfoot, but I didn't want to draw that one.
      Day 266 - That's New to Me challenge #38.  We had to use the tangles with the letter Z.  I chose to use zola, zabbixz, and zen-ex.
     I love Maryhill - that's a tangle by the way.  It is so peaceful to draw.  For the Tangle Me 3 challenge we had to do the original version and at least two variations.  I chose to make my variations more of a size and shape.  The circle is the original.  The others are the variations.  Here is day 267.
     Adele Bruno got tough with her string challenge.  Well, at least to me.  I even asked her to do a tutorial or hint page for the tangle hamail.  It looks simple.  And really pretty.  Except when I do it. 
Day 268 and the string challenge #111.  To celebrate the number of the challenge, we had to do one string, one other tangle we liked, and the tangle hamail.  After worrying with hamail, my other tangle was simple and loving little "keeko". 
     Day 269 was time for Made by Joey's monotangle challenge.  Peanuckle was the tangle she chose.  I love this one but seemed to be in a real hurry tonight for some reason.  My zen was missing!
     This past Wednesday (day 267), I went to the cardiologist for my routine check up.  Pretty good report - watch the stress (yeah, right) and cut back a little on my salt.  Overall not a bad visit.  To "celebrate" I went next door to Hobby Lobby and purchased some Shrinky Dinks I have been dying to get my hands on. I had to wait til week-end and day 270 to get to play with them.  I used part of a sheet to cut a tangle size tile and do Diane Clancey's challenge and also count it for Diva's challenge.  Diva had asked us to tangle on something different - this certainly was!  Diane wanted us to use tangles that began with the letters LDG.  These are pictures before I did the shrinking.  Also are some others I tried.  I wish that my shrinking had turned out a bit better, but I will get it. 
Dex, luna, diamant, golven, lamar
      Guess I better go get all these pieces linked to their places!  Here we go!  Have a wonderfully blessed day! 


  1. All of these are nice work! Thanks for being a part of my challenges!

  2. Fabulous pieces this week. I did Nessie too. I guess that one spoke to a lot of us :)

  3. Gosh, if you supposed to cut down on the stress all that zen in the tangling must have helped.

  4. Cathy, this L-D-G is fun!! Cool to use it for the Diva too - it sure does qualify!! Your other tangles are wonderful!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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