Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 254 - N'zeppel

     Challenge #77 for Made by Joey is to use my absolute favorite tangle in a monotangle - n'zeppel.  I love that tangle.  It is so . . . elegant and fun.  My tile is pretty simple, but I usually do my plans for school on Thursday nights.  So simple is fine by me.  Besides, I use this tangle whenever I get the chance.  Which is usually a lot.

     Guess I will head off to work now.  Can you believe I have actually posted nearly every day this week rather than waiting for a mega post on the week-end?  I am happy with that.
     Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


  1. Great Nzeppel. That shading just lifts it off the page. Love the little curly bits at the ends

  2. Terrific tile! Seems like n'zeppel is everyone's favorite.

  3. Oooh, isn't that pretty! I love how organic looking it is, like a piece of flotsam wafting along on an autumn breeze. Just lovely!

  4. Really nice and I love how you have curled the ends so daintily. Cool shading too!
    ~ joey ~


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