Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hammermill Paper review

         If you need some high quality paper at a good price, you need to check out this paper from Hammermill.  I have tried it on my laser printer and was very happy with the results and I also used it - I was in a hurry - on the inkjet printer.  It worked great both times.  I like the brightness of this paper and how smooth it feels.  It prints at high quality even at a dpi of 2400.  I think I could use it for printing photos with good results as it has a photo quality feel to it.  Add to that it is acid free.
      It comes in reams of 500 sheets.  It can be found at along with lots of other great office supplies. 
      Also use for other office and home supplies, such as janitorial suppliesmedical supplies, and office furniture.

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