Sunday, September 20, 2015

Days 261 - 264

     Adele Bruno had an interesting string this week and some good tangles to use.  I chose not to use one of them, only because it didn't seem to fit.  I used antidots and n'zeppel.   Of course I will use n'zeppel any chance I get.  I love that tangle.  Then I used some color and made "lime-ade"!  Here is day 261.

     I don't think I have ever used the tangle meringue.  So when I saw it was the choice for Square One's challenge, I almost didn't go it.  I decided to draw a tile in my journal and at least play with the tangle some.  It was sort of like eating a potato chip.  I couldn't draw just one. Or two.  Or three.  They took over.  With each one I tried to make it more like some of the beautiful examples I had seen. I ended up really having some quick fun with this challenge for day 262.

     Day 263 (that was Saturday) I worked on the Tangle Me 3 challenge #13.  We had to play around with the tangle love line.  My favorite variation is the one that only uses half of the design.  Sort of funky looking, I think.

     All week I have been trying to get to Diane Clancy's challenge - CD#.  Finally for a few minutes before I did my school work, I did this tile.  I used 4mom, 100, camelia, cross'd, diamant, deelish, cylan, and dream dancer.  Quite a bunch for day 264.  I like the patchwork effect.

     Now.  I have put off the unavoidable enough.  I have to settle down and finish the plans for next week.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around some changes I need to make for my reading group schedule.  I now what I want, I just don't know how to organize it.  I love my class, but they are not the most independent group ever.  Vast understatement.  They can't do anything on their own.  Or at least they think they can't - they need a lot more confidence.
     Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hope by now you managed to make the changes for your group. I like the D&C challenge tile. Especially the (sun)flower at the bottom.

  2. These are all very nice! Thanks for being part of the TM3 challenge this week!

  3. Cathy, what a great set of tiles and challenges!! Yes your C-D-# does look like patchwork and it is so cool!! :) Your Meringue and Tangle Me 3 are lovely!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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