Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Days 258 and 259

    Every Inchie Monday's word was rhythm.  I found some vellum with music printed on it and them added a quick embellishment.  And of course, hummed while I did it!

     For Made by Joey, we had to use the tangle oke.  I don't think I really have the flow of this one.  I did it, but I am not really very happy with it.

     I finished up the That's New to Me challenge.  For the letter T I used the tangle "twisd".  It is from my new Suzanne McNeill book.  Then I chose three Sandra Strait tangles to use - zanella, crossroads, and centrifuge.  I love her work so it was a hard choice.

     Guess I need to keep it short since I have some other school work to do.  I hope you are having a very blessed day.


  1. You might be busy with school but you have managed to find time for some great tiles. That T tile is very detailed.

  2. You've done a nice job creating, Cathy! I like your That's new to me tile--there's a lot there that's new to me, too! Have a brilliant day! c

  3. love all the tangles, so much detail. Love the inchie as well

  4. I like your TNTM tile lots to look at there and I really like that top tangle centrifuge (?) must add I to my ever growing list of try it out 😊

  5. I love the detail in our TNTM tile! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  6. That inchie is really sweet. I love Sandra Stait's work. Have you seen the tutorial on Tangle Pattens that she did for doing a dew drop? I also have yet to order the new book by Suzanne McNeil. Thanks for the reminder. Nice pieces!


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