Sunday, May 10, 2015

Days 127 and 128

     What a crazy week this has been!  Grades had to be in which meant a ton of make-up work and fixes required to get some things in for these kiddos.  Then to add to my growing frustration - no internet in my classroom.  In the hall - yes.  In the rest of the building - yes.  My room, no.  So I pulled a couple of chairs to the hall, left my classroom door open to monitor children and sat in the hall for most of two days.  It sort of paid off.  They came to fix it and in the process, I got a new computer - yahoo!  It is a sleek and lovely (and much faster) Mac Book Pro.  I had needed one for a couple of years, but was not high enough on the list.  I definitely am happy.
     For our Diva Challenge this week, #216, we had to use the tangle "brella".  I like this tangle.  I added some outdoorsy elements, and since we needed a brella, I thought there must be some myst around.  This was Day 127.

     String Challenge #91 was day 128.  We had to use vano, zin, and 2-n-5.  I added some color - just because. 

     Friday was field day for our school.  This is the big event for us.  Our kids love it.  This year PTO paid for an inflatable water slide!  That was the life of the party!  My kids were having a ball and getting soaking wet!  So much fun.  Surprisingly, the day was an overall success without me having to fuss at all!  Wow!  That was miraculous!
     Thank you for dropping by and leaving me some zen and smiles.  I love your comments and maybe when school is over I can spend some time leaving some comments myself.  I go look, but don't have time for even much of that. 


  1. Both tiles are nicely done. Your Brella tile took me by surprise as I was looking at it when I realized that there was a big Brella down in the right hand corner. Very Your string challenge tile was pretty with the colors and I like the way you used the 3 tangles together. I am still trying to master Zin, just found it last night and liked what I saw so I am playing with that one. Great job on both of them!

  2. Lovely tiles! Like Lezli I didn't see the huge Brella right away! Congratulations with your new computer


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