Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 139

     This tile does double duty!   I am posting it over at Diane and Carolien's site for the alphabet challenge.  The letters we had to use were STU.  My tangles are tri-linz, sails, up and away, teardrops, snood, and unyun.  I am also using it over at Made by Joey's site for her challenge to use a flower string. 
I guess it really does triple duty because it is also day 139 of the Create Each Day challenge at Whimsy and Zen!  The triple crown of tangling!  I really like the flower, but the background bugs me.  I started a woven type background - which probably would have been too busy anyway - and made a mistake so I turned it all black! 
     Hope you are having a great day!  One more in-service day for me and then summer here I come!!


  1. This is a very pretty flower. It's always great when you can kill multiple birds with one stone; or, in this case, multiple challenges with one tile.

  2. The background looks kinda "ghostly." Makes you want to know what is going on back there! I like the mystery.

  3. It looks so perfectly puffy! Nice combination of tangles and great it "killed two challenges with one tile" (love that JL Johnson!)

  4. I have done that myself - made things all black because of mistakes. But it does really bring the flower forward :) Lovely tile!! Thank you for joining us!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy


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