Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Days 124 and 125

     Day 124 is for an alphabet challenge to use tangles that begin with the letters J, K, L.  I also plan on putting it up over on Facebook for the Stacked and Tangled challenge.  I used the tangles - jaracu, lamar, knot rickz, luna, kunstler, and jalousie. 
     The New to Me challenge (Day 125) had a bit of a twist.  We had to use a new tangle or two that started with the letter W.  But this week we also had to use a tangle by Anne Marks, a fantastic tangler.  I am using sunflower and warangaie. 
    Back to school work.  This time of year I don't think I will ever finish it all.  I always do, but it is so hectic.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. These are both beautiful tiles! I love the color you put into the TNTM tile. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. I love the color in both tiles, and of course, the yellow in Sunflower is so appropriate and fun! Your Warangie looks wonderful in color. It looked so complex to me that I have never attempted it. Glad to see it done so well!

  3. I really like your use of color.


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