Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hewlett-Packard Paper Review

 My first reaction when I opened my sample package of Hewlett Packard paper was just how lightweight it was.  The weight is 16 lb.  I am not sure how that compares to my other copy paper, but it definitely feels lighter.  I wasn't really sure I liked that until I tried tracing some things on it - that could come in handy.  Also because of the fact that it is 20% lighter, more paper will fit into a copier tray - aha!  Less refilling!  Also easier to carry large amounts. 
     Next let's check out some pens.  Of course the sharpie marker bled through - that is the nature of sharpies so I wasn't surprised.  My gel pens and brush markers worked just fine.  The colors were nice and bright.  When I tried to use the blender pen they worked, but  there was a lot of fibers gathering.  I probably wouldn't use it with the blenders.  It held creases nicely although again
remember it is not sturdy. 

        I would recommend this paper to someone who did a lot of typing or computer work.  I like the fact that it is lightweight.  I haven't tried it in our copier at school.  I am curious as to how it will handle a two sided copy.  You can find this product at Shoplet.  

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