Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 23, 24 and 25!

     Oh my!  The joys and trials of learning a new computer!  I now have a new laptop.  Prior to this I posted most of my things using the laptop that is "mine" from the school.  I feel more or less comfortable on that one.  I also use my tablet.  But now I have a laptop for all my journaling and work.  I am excited about it, but I am not a fast learner! 
     Every Inchie Monday's work this week is "talk".  I found several great quotes, but they wouldn't fit on an inch.  So I went with small talk!  After all, how much smaller can you get than an inch?
      For Square One: Purely Tangled (a Facebook challenge group) we had to use the tangle "rixty".  I really like this tangle.  I decided to wrap it up with some mooka.  This meant I needed to work in pencil first.  I really prefer to work with just pen, but when there is a lot of in and out with a tangle, pencil is my choice. 

     Now.  I worked on a page for Journal52.  The prompt was "silhouette".  I was pretty pleased with it even though I felt it needed something.  I showed it to my brother for some suggestions.  He had one.  A whole different idea!  Normally I would just forget it and use this one - and I may yet, but his idea was so good.  So if I can find time this week and work on this page it may get redone.  I won't say what it will be yet, because I don't want to commit.  It truly was a much better idea though. 
     I have written the blog.  I am relatively comfortable in putting pictures in.  Can I get it posted to all the right places?  We shall see.  Have a great and blessed day! 


  1. I love rixty too. And I see rixty and mooka makes a perfekt match. Lovely tile!

  2. Love your inchie. Your Square One tile is nice also. Will be waiting to see if you change your picture.

  3. Those are wonderful! I just got a laptop as well for my journaling and "crafty" stuff. I think I'm in heaven!

  4. great artwork. love the reclining figure in your inchie!

  5. Wonderful artwork and a fab inchie

    Love Chrissie

  6. I do like your journal page! And you inchie is LOL hilarious!

  7. i love the inchie, it made me giggle. I really love the colors on the journal page.

  8. Oh yes an inchie is small and a talk can be small. Even if small talks are not always really small.


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