Sunday, August 18, 2013

Three more days . . .

     Summer is truly slipping by.  I start back to school on Wednesday.  Children come back the following week.  I am excited about my new position this year - teaching reading.  There have been a few "speed-bumps" along the way and I am nervous.  I found out this week that I will be working not only with second through fifth grades but also kindergarten and first grade.  That scares me.  I want to do such a good job, and I have never worked with kindergarten, except in art.  I wish I had had all summer to prepare for this new part of my new adventure.  But ready or not, here I come!
     Mindful-Creation's monotangle challenge this week was to use the tangle "cockles and mussels".  I love this tangle and use it frequently.  I took and ATC watercolor card and played with brown and a coral color randomly.  Then I just tangled over it.  Nothing really unusual or different, but I like the way the brown and coral show through.  Makes it look more like shells.
      Bright Owl's template was interesting.  My first thought was peppermint.  But since Erin had already done a very peppermint looking version, I decided to try some other things. 
       Every Inchie Monday's word was "pocket watch"  I knew immediately what I wanted.  I cut an inch out of what my most trouser-looking piece of paper was, used another inch to make a pocket and then used a gel pen to "stitch" around it.  I know the talent of these inchie artist and someone will have stitched a real pocket.  I cannot begin to think of stitching that small.  Who am I kidding?  I couldn't stitch on a circus tent, let alone an inch!  Back to the task, I used a cut out of a pocket watch and put glaze over the face to look like glass.  Then I "mangled" an old necklace for a chain.  Ta-da!  Exactly what I envisioned!
     The last piece of art is for no reason at all.  Not a challenge or dare in sight.  I just had some more of that nice book type paper left over and wanted to try another stencil.  Lots of time when I cut things out with my Cricut (and I have done a lot of that this summer), I will cut extra things out that could be used for stencils.  I have a box of extra pieces!
Victorian Lady
   I hope you are having a great week-end!  Thanks for dropping by.  Now I get to go over and check out all the other wonderful pieces of art.  See you!


  1. Cathy, these are all just wonderful. I just love the inchie. I haven't done any of these yet but I'm afraid I might hear them calling my name HAHA!

  2. Like your zendalas. I like the tangles you used. Has a nice organic nature.

  3. Like you, I love the color in Cockles and Mussels, it makes the whole tile more beautiful.
    The zendalas are beautiful too.
    I'm sure you will do very well with those young children!!

  4. They are all wonderful. The third tangle is amazing. And I love the fact that you used real chain for your pocket watch. It even has a pocket!

  5. Love all your work! My favourites: cockles'n'mussels and inchie pocket watch. I am just about finishing mine. They are unreal fun, these inchies, aren't they!

  6. lovely work and the inchie of the pocket watch is so cute love it

  7. Great inchie! I think the "stitching " looks great and very realistic! I love how you used a real chain! And love the first tangle!

  8. Love your Inchie, and the zentangles.

  9. I love the inchie, and I am always blown away with your zentangles. you have so much patience! great job with the extra piece. Sometimes it is fun to do something for a "just because" reason. I do it all the time with my beads.

  10. Always admire you work and the inchie is terrific

    Good luck with your new teaching subject

    Chrissie x

  11. Beautiful zentangles - just wish I had time and the talent - I so want to. I absolutely adore the tangles used in the third one- it is so organic and flowing - really like it. Love your inchie, it's a super duper pocket watch and I couldn't do that - but yes I did stitch a pocket but each to their own see!!! Your art work is lovely really enjoy seeing what you do each week.


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