Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diva Challenge #132

      I think Diva does this challenge solely for the amusement of my left handed brother.  He gets such pleasure - wicked pleasure, I might add, watching me grasp the pen and struggle to hang on to it.  Writing with my left hand is NO piece of cake.  My hand has gotten rather uncooperative as of late.  The left hand doesn't want to manipulate items or hold things very well.  I guess that makes writing with my left hand - this week's challenge - rather useful.  It made me use it.  I am not happy with the tile, but hey, challenge is done (and yes, it was fun).

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  1. I think it is quite nice and you had fun, that's important!

  2. The tile within the tile and the center looks almost stenciled! I would love a stencil like that! Very nice!

  3. The inner aura gives a very dimensional feeling to your Bales! Bravo!


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