Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zendala Dare #14

   When I open my computer and check out the zendala template for the week, I quite often get hit with an immediate idea.  It may not be what I use, but the inspiration starts kicking in.  Not this time.  I couldn't come up with a single idea.  Zilch.  Zero.  I have restrained myself from looking at other entries since I was so blank.  I printed the templates adding an extra one in due to fear I would not have anything suitable in 3 tries.  I started out, became frustrated and nearly threw the piece away, but decided to keep it for my "practice piece".   Thought you might enjoy seeing my practice tile.
practice page for dare #14
     After trying several things out, I got a bit of inspiration.  For the first one I completed, I decided on a monotangle - "huggy bear".
Marble Drop
     The second tile has the tangles - arckles, pea-nuckle, and sonnenband.  Pea-nuckle is a fast favorite of mine.  It looks so complicated, but just seems to flow on the page.  I love it!
         The last one really only uses coaster and chard.  The rest is just rings and flowers.  I thought I would play with some color on this one.
    For absolutely no idea, I ended up liking most of what I did.  Either way, as always, the dare was tons of fun.
      Several people have asked about my tangle calendar.  I decided I wanted you to see what I was referring to and also see the wonderful organizer I use.  If you are interested check out this previous post on Nifty tangling tools.
  Hope you are had a great week and thanks for leaving a comment. 


  1. I posted my entry at almost the same time you did Cathy and was interested that we both posted our practice pieces!

    I like all of your tangles, especially the one with pea-nuckle. I have yet to master it but you make it look so easy - even & flowing. Lovely.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, Stunning! I love the second one to pieces!

  3. I like all your tiles, but the second one is my favorite too. Thanks for posting your practice sheet; it's interesting to see the different tangles you tried.

  4. They are all wonderful, but I just LOVE the third one (with pea-nuckle)! It looks like a wreath of beautiful, blooming flowers. Gorgeous!

  5. After the hard start you did a great job.

    Annemarie Huijts

  6. you got some really great results! that last one with the color is just gorgeous! and i really like that you showed us your practice tile - awesome!

  7. all of them are so cool. Great job.


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