Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zendala Dare #13 - Playing with paper

    This is SO made for me!  I love paper.  I scrapbook, make cards, design handmade books, you name it!  If it involves paper, I probably have at least tried it.  So I have drawer full of a variety of paper.  Sometimes I will buy a sheet in the craft store simply because I like it, not because I have any uses for it.  Ah well, cheap obsession, I guess.
     I pulled out several pieces and ran the template on all of them, so I could decide.  I have never had the experience of using "real" zentangle paper.  I hope to get some tiles one of these days.  Right now I cut my own tiles from white cardstock - fairly heavy type used for card making.  It is not "official", but I like the feel of it and it is cheap, since I use a LOT of it.
    I decided to "break the rules" with my first attempt.  I didn't tangle on another type of paper, but I involved other types of paper.  Maybe it is more of "bending" the rules rather than breaking them!  I cut parts of the design out of scrapbook scraps and glued them on top of the template.  I tangled with colored microns and some colored pencils.  Then I took chalks to the outside edges of the tile.  Overall I like this one, except for the pink paper in the center.  I kept thinking I should tangle over top the pink, but I couldn't decide.  Since I like paper piecing, this was fun.
      Attempt number two.  I pulled out one of the templates I had printed on vellum.  I enjoyed the feel of the Micron on this paper - smooth and easy to move.  After I finished it, I turned it over and colored the back of the design.  This leaves a softer color showing through.
     The last one is printed on colored cardstock - scrapbooking paper.  I like it best.  I decided not to shade it because I didn't want to lose the pretty yellow color or the white streaks in it.
     This has been a lot of fun.  I still have several templates on a variety of paper, so I may get around to playing with this some more.  If you want to see some more really creative and gorgeous uses of paper, go to The Bright Owl.  There are lots of great entries - and ideas to try! 


  1. I can see you had a lot of fun making your tiles. I like your creativity. Like them, nice colouring.

  2. They look all very nice. I also like the border in the last one.

    Annemarie Huijts

  3. I just love the paper piecing idea! All your designs are just lovely.

  4. cathy - does the micron dry quickly on the vellum? or do you have to let it sit awhile? i really like this idea - your tile is beautiful (all 3 of them are!) i'd love to try the vellum! and i like paper piecing, too! i never even thought of that idea - what an excellent way to make your tile! beautiful work!

  5. All beautiful Cathy - I especially love the first one with the pieced papers.

  6. They are all lovely. I think the third one is my favorite also. But I love the notion of combining paper piecing with tangling. Very clever and "outside the box".

  7. They are all great, The vellum was a good idea. I too am a cardmaker and have so much coloured paper, but it was tricky to find something not too patterned.

  8. This so inspires me. I love the combination of paper and pen work!


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