Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dare #16

     I really enjoyed reading Erin's post this past Friday.  So much of what she said I have felt.  I started my blog for the same reason.  I also feel the caring and friendliness of this community.  I really just started in January, but feel I have made so many friends.  It's the challenges and dares that have brought us together.  Thank you, ladies, for providing SO much enjoyment!!
     I love this template!  It is big and open and . . . . just plain neat!  I had an idea right away how I wanted to use it, but I will save that one for last.
    The first one I wanted to be more organic.  So I pulled out some of my Suzanne McNeill books and the Sandy Bartholomew ones and went on an organic search.  I also debated on whether to add color.  As you can see, black and white won out.
     Number two got a dash of red, but not too much color.   I liked the more geometric forms for this one.
   And now for my favorite (probably due to the handsome addition in the center).  This template reminded me (and Lakota) of a ball. Of course, that is not surprising since everything reminds him of a ball.  I need to work on his scrapbook and thought this would be a perfect picture frame!  I tried his pic in both black and white and color.  Finally decided on b/w.  It fit the frame better and didn't detract from it.  Either way, he looks rather dashing!
   Now I guess it is back to some school work.  We start in 5 weeks, but I am using this time to do some "fun" things for my room.  Have a great week and happy tangling!!


  1. These are superb!!! I especially love the first one.

  2. Oh, wow! I love all three. They are super!!! And, what a wonderful grouping of tangles you chose!!!

  3. These are all gorgeous. Love all of them; and thanks for the idea of a frame. I have two dogs I'd like to create a frame for their photos.

  4. cathy - the first one is beautiful - i love the butterflies! second one - i like how your wrapped sections together in the middle, but your 3rd is wonderful! love lakota!

  5. All three beautiful, but the last one ...... love that dog (hm, ofcourse the whole zia).
    Thanks for sharing this idea, my (black) cat Tedah (means fiery beauty) will love her picture in a frame like this.

    Annemarie Huijts

  6. wow, the first is so beautiful with the butterfly and flowers!

  7. They are all nice designs but the first one is my favourite.

  8. I love all your tiles. I think they are so full of creativity and richness. I feel the same thing you do about this community. Love your doggy in the middle. Give him a hug.

  9. I just love all three of your designs! Lakota is probably thinking "throw the ball, don't draw it." lol. My little dog starts jumping on me and barking urging me to step away from my tangles and take her for a walk - lol Each one of your tangles is unique, well planned and beautifully executed.


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