Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nifty tools for tangling

   I have two fantastic tools I happened to "stumble" across one day on the computer.  They are very valuable to me.  The first one I happened to find was the Tangle-A-Day calendar by Carole Ohl.  I use it to tangle in (of course), write quotes that I find interesting, and jot notes about what happens in my life around that day.  Inside the calendar are some beautiful tangles by Carole and the paper is great quality.  I tried a bit of water color and it buckled some.  However with pens it is perfect.  It a great place to "play".    I took pictures of the covers of both books, but my brother said I probably shouldn't use them due to copyright law.  I think it would be alright, but hate for someone to get upset.  So go to Open Seed Arts.  On the side bar you will see the calendar advertisement.
     The second great find was the Tangle Organizer by Genevieve Crabe.  Oh I love this tool!  It comes in four sizes (referring to the boxes on the page).  There are books that hold one, two, six, and twelve tangles per page.  The one that holds one has spaces for you to draw out the tangle steps.  I chose the the twelve tangle book (shown below).  I wanted to not have to purchase or store so many books.  This one holds 1200 tangles!  I won't get that many, because sometimes I draw out steps in more than one box.  Either way, it is fantastic.  Whenever a dare or challenge comes around, I pull out the organizer and search for ideas.  I also roam the internet blogs ( of all you talented folks!) and put down tangle ideas.  It has 100 pages and I am on page 43.  Lots of ideas "under one roof".  Go to this link to see the items by Genevieve Crabe. 
   I hope you enjoy these two items as much as I have.  If you have any great storage ideas or know of any good tangle "products", please share them in your comments!


  1. Great post. I have these two also and enjoy them everyday.

  2. hahaha! i'm using these, too! and they work great!


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