Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenge #78 - Auraknot

     I love this new official zentangle - Auraknot.  The major problem is: it is addicting!  I find myself wanting to try new tangleations and playing with it connecting to other tangles.  What fun!  I found out about the tangle over the weekend and after viewing the video how-to, grabbed my calendar to practice.  I marked off Monday on the calendar so I would still have room to do the Diva's Monday challenge.  So I just drew lots of shapes and tried auraknot on a variety of spaces - no thought or planning.  It is fortunately very forgiving as I have lots of mistakes, but hey, it was my first go at it.  What a surprise when on Monday the challenge was - you guessed it - use auraknot!  I played in the calendar some more and then did a few tiles to "count" as official.  But rest assured, this tangle is going to be one of my go-to favorites!

This was the first tile I did to share.  I really wanted it just to take center stage.


     I looked through my notebook and found the tangle "exinside" by Sandra Strait.  I thought it might work with auraknot.  Add a little allium and here you have it.  I called it "Lost" because as you might guess, I kept getting lost with my lines!  Fun, but definitely an exercise in concentration.

Last, here is my calendar page for the fourth of July.  That was a lot of fun to play with!  Have a great week and thank  you for stopping by and any comments you might leave.


  1. haha! you've been busy! first of all - is that the zentangle - a - day calendar you're using? i just got one and am trying to get used to - form a routine of - using it. i love your second photo - looks like a butterfly to me - so pretty! all of them are nice - and fun - and i like your red, white, and blue tribute! it's been a busy week :)

  2. Yes, that's the calendar. I don't always get to it daily. Before I got out for school, I was very far behind, but now I am at least caught up - until school restarts! I try to record the challenge in it, and something to at least represent the dares. Other than that, it is a place to "play" and write quotes I come across. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Really nice - I love this tangle, too!

  4. This is an amazing post! I really love your calendar photos. Both are just beautiful!

  5. Tanglations of fantastic content! I love how you have made auraknot your own!

  6. Wow! I think my arm would have fallen off if I had drawn all those little circles on your calendar page! Fun work:)

  7. This is a great post. Love what you did with auraknot; and I also really like your calendar. I guess I don't understand what that is, but putting something in a journal kind of thing daily sounds like a great thing to do.


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