Tuesday, September 11, 2018


    When asked to do a "ghost word"  picture for the Line Weaving challenge, I knew right away what word I wanted to use - blessed.  That word best describes how I feel right now.  There are of course things I would change in my life, but when you look at what I have - well, it is pretty abundant.  I'm not talking things, though my needs (and quite a few of those wants) are met.  But it is just life in general.  I have always wanted time to do my art stuff and now I have that.  I miss my kids at school some, but this time is such a blessing to me.  I have lots of aches and pains but I am trying to get to a healthier state.  Exercise, changing my diet, lots of focus on my devotional life.  Yes, that's the word that I chose for me right now.  The challenge itself took nearly all day!  I searched every flower tangle I could find to make sure I used some "good" ones. 

      Last Christmas I got 4 coloring books by Creative Haven, one for each season.  I have been coloring in them from time to time, but saving the season for the one we are in.  So, we are pretty close to fall, right?   These next two pics come from the Autumn Scenes book.   I know it's a bit early, but I love this season and few extra days won't hurt.  Besides I can dream it is cool.

      New Zealand is our inchie word.  I think I could live there.  I have always been fascinated by the beauty of that place.  I chose to do the two types of kiwi.  First there is a kiwi bird (draped in the flag) and then one of my favorites - the edible kiwi.  That is sooooo yummy.  I wish I had one right now to eat.

     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle nzeppel.  This is one of my absolute favorites.  It is just fun!  My monotangle uses both nzeppel and crazy nzeppel.  Love them both!

        Now off to . . .  well, I am not sure.  Perhaps color or draw or whatever.  Have a wonderful day and hopefully stay clear of the path of the hurricane that threatens the eastern US shores.  Hugs and blessings.


  1. I do understand what you meen by feeling blessed. It is true and we have to be grateful to have the time to do things we like. Gorgeous work with the word blessed!!!
    Cheerful autumncolorings, a pleasant Inchie and a beautiful composition for this week challenge!

  2. A great Diva tile. And, like you, I feel blessed in many ways.

  3. Beautiful blessed work and the diva challenge is a fun one!

  4. You've been busy! Do you do all these challenges every week?!

  5. I am really proud of you! It is an awesome thing to be blessed! Love all the challenges that you did! Beautiful and the inchie is fantastic, I love all the detail


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