Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I. Did. It.

       Seriously.  I did.  I finished my virtual race.  I was hoping the pictures of my t-shirt and medal would be ready today, but I will have to post them next time.  They should come in the mail tomorrow.  I signed up for my second race - The Road to Hana.  A virtual trip around the coast of Hawaii's Hana Road.  It is 59.5 miles!  I probably will be forever finishing this one, but what is the rush?  Anyone interested in doing this go over to Yes Fit.  It is a lot of fun.
     This week's inchie was Zimbabwe.  I know next to nothing about this country.  I discovered they some of the world's most beautiful falls and of course, there is the African wildlife! I chose the flag (I sort of have a pattern going with those for now at least) and one of my favorite animals - the elephant.
       Joey's Creative Inspiration had a great challenge - use string #91 and the tangle knightsbridge.  I decided to use a mix of knightsbridge and emingle.   I like to try different grid tangles within knightsbridge.  Otherwise it is not a tangle I often use.
      This week's challenge at Casa Diva's was to use a heart string and the tangle rimana.  This was a lot of fun. 
       I took to pinterest again this past week for some more color palette ideas.  That is a lot of fun to do.  It makes coloring a design very quick and relaxing.  Here are my "color palettes kitties".

     Now I think I shall go and do some scrapbooking for a bit.  I went through the hassle this past week of cleaning my craft corner.  Well.  Sort of cleaning.  Reorganizing.  I now can get to my cricut stuff without a MAJOR moving of other items.  That has made it very nice.  Ideally I would love a craft room and one of those super sweet pieces of furniture - the scrapbox 3.0 - but in a house this small, that is not going to happen.  So I reorganized! 
     Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay healthy!  I am perfectly happy to have avoided this nasty flu going around!  Hugs!


  1. Love your tiles! The cats are gorgeous, but the purple one is fantastic, my favorite.


  2. Nice work! Thanks for the linky to your virtual fitness site...I will have a squizz. Dx

  3. I love how you completed the Diva challenge.

  4. So much wonderful art. Congrats on finishing the race!

  5. Wonderful inchie! Many flags this week :-) Love the purple and green cat!

  6. I like the Diva tile and I LOVE the cats.

  7. Great art work and inchie. Well done on the virtual race, will look into it.

  8. Congrats on your virtual race!! I love your cats so much! The red and blue one is amazing!!


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