Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Another year!

     It is hard to believe another year has passed.  For me, personally, 2017 has been a year of ups and downs.  Mostly ups.  The beginning of the year I was still in the classroom and questioning on a daily basis if I ever could retire.  I started crying every time I even thought of it.  I seriously was major depressed.  I know that sounds silly.  It did to me.  But nevertheless, I was distraught.  I could not see myself at home, without my school work to think about, and idle!  Oh what a joy to be SO wrong!  I am far from idle, never have looked back at all the school work and love being at home.  I also was very blessed financially which was another huge worry.  It has been so nice to just relax and enjoy my time at home and not have so many worries.  So I am quite excited to see where 2018 will go.
       Do you make resolutions?  I do.  Sometimes they are kept but like most, they get forgotten.  I have 3 this year.  One is personal and I won't share.  Another is to finally finish my coloring book that I have long ignored and get it to the publisher by spring or sooner!  I really want that done.  The last is - now please don't laugh - I am going to enter in a virtual race, log my miles on the treadmill and see if I can do it.  I have a lot of trouble walking so this will be a real challenge.  You can finish at your own pace so if it takes me a year to do one race, well, that is more than I have done previously, right?  I will let you know how it goes.  Well, I will let you know when I catch my breath!
      Another year of INCHIES!!  Yahoo!  I am so glad the torch was passed on to some wonderful ladies and we have this challenge to look forward to each week.  The words for this year are places around the world.  That should prove to be educational!  The first stop on our journey is the Netherlands. 
     Oh and before I forget - here is the sheet of inchies for 2017.  I love seeing them all complete and together.  I have to get a sheet ready for this year's art.  To hold this year's inchies I tried to make the grid look like postage stamps.  We will see if they all fit okay!
     I have been fascinated with mandalas lately.   Here are some I have worked on over Christmas.  I have a new journal with the circles done on the page very lightly to use as a guide.  I am really having fun with this little book.

    I am not too keen on the green one, but oh well.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day.  I am trying to stay warm in some very cold temps, so send me some sunshine if you have some to spare!  Hugs!


  1. Your inchie is beautiful! Thank you for participating. I love to see all the inchies of 2017 all together!
    I'm glad you're feeling better now then last year, I hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for you!

  2. Great inchie, and tangles. Pleased you are enjoying being at home, I love being retired and wonder how I had time to go to work. All the best for 2018.

  3. What a great inchie.
    I also like it very much to see all your inchies of 2017 together.
    Great that you like you time at home so much.
    I with you good luck with your resolutions. I don't make them, but your coloring book sounds very exciting.

  4. The inchie is great.Very simmilar to the one that I designed. I love the year of inchies, they look great and the mandalas are awesome! I love them. BTW I love your goals. You can do this!


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