Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Challenges of all sorts

     Hello!  I hope everyone is well and staying far from this flu that seems to be everywhere.  I am hoping that being home and away from the little ones I can avoid it.  So far I haven't even had a cold - which is highly unusual.
     The inchie challenge this year is all about different countries which I love!  Of course, I have always loved the inchie challenges, but this is really appealing to me.  This week's country was India.  I chose the Taj Mahal and the flag. 
     Another string (#165) and tangle - Exeter - to use from Joey.  This is a great string.  The tangle is one I think I may have used before.  Mine got a bit off on this tile, but still turned out okay, I think. 
     The last challenge doesn't have any pictures.  Remember I told you one of my resolutions was to sign up for a virtual "race".  Well, after weeks of trolling, I did it.  I chose the shortest one and there is no time limit, but I was thinking I might could do this.  I am doing the Mardi Gras race at Yes.fit.  I put one mile on it yesterday!  I will show you my t-shirt and medal when I finish.
     This last coloring sheet is my inspiration this week. 
     Take care and I hope you have a blessed week.  Hugs!


  1. Another wonderful week of art! You amaze me how much you complete in a week!

  2. I'm fond of that coloring sheet, original drawn and beautiful tangled. Wish you luck with the race!
    Very nice shadowed tile for Joey and a lovely Inchie!

  3. Your Exeter tile is very nice. My favorite this weed is your coloured drawing!

  4. I love the bottom drawing! Beautiful! Congrats on the race. You got this!

  5. Great inchie, love the idea of using the flag as background for the Taj Mahal! Your other work is wonderful too.

  6. I love the turtle drawing! So cute!! Great color choices, too :)

  7. Superbly drawn Inchie and as said great inspiration to put it on the flag - love your Exeter tangle - as all tangles do it looks very complicated - it always surprises me how straightforward they are once you know the moves! I’ll have to look that one up and well done in your race and colouring. X Jenny J

  8. way to go on your race! and way to go on your tiles. That's a superb little Taj Mahal. Well done


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