Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dreary day!

      The weather is icy and rainy today.  Yuck.  I don't mind it too much since I don't have to go outside, but unfortunately Lakota does and he is still fighting the hurt foot.  He is getting around better and even putting some weight on it (gingerly), but you can tell it still bothers him.
       Lots of art today.  I don't do it all in one day, but it sort of collects and then I am ready to post.  All of the challenges were done today.  The first one is the inchie!  Since we are going around the world with this year's words, the second inchie is the United States.  Unlike other countries because I live here, I think of too many things to do on an inchie.  I was reminded of the song we sang a lot in elementary music class - America the Beautiful.  So my inchie has "purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain". 

       I missed Joey's challenge last Monday.  Well, I didn't miss, since I found it and posted over the weekend.  But I usually do them on Monday so I can have one post a week.  Oh well, it is done and up.  This week we had to use string #206 and the tangle "ta-da".  The word blessed just seemed to fit perfectly.  That's my focus word for the year.  The purple got a little darker than I would have preferred. 

      Diva's challenge was to do a duotangle using phicops and huggins.  I like huggins, but don't like dong it.  However I saw a video of Melinda Barlow showing a huggins variation - "crazy huggins".  Now I love that one.  Besides the way she described it I actually GOT it.

       Speaking of Melinda Barlow, I absolutely love her videos.  She can explain things so well.  This past week she did the tangle "rumpus" on a beautiful tile.  I totally stole borrowed her idea.  I don't think she would mind being my inspiration.  Here is "our" tile, lol!

       A little bit of coloring this week though only one thing to post here.  I do most of the coloring posts on the Facebook sites I belong to.   This is from a mandala book by Color It.  I tried something different for me.  I used a highly technical method of selecting colors.  I went to pinterest and searched color palettes.  Then - now follow closely due to the detail of this method - I closed my eyes and poked at my computer screen and landed on the selection.  If needed I can provide a video tutorial!  Seriously that is about what I did.  Then I matched up markers and gel pens to the palette and colored.   I will definitely play around with the palettes again.

      Thanks for dropping by.  I love your comments and appreciate them so much.  Hugs!


  1. That's a very beautiful inchie, love the soft purple of the mountains! Your zentangles are great too!

  2. Great tiles, as usual! Rumpus is just jumping around, having a good old time, really causing a rumpus, lol! Love it!

    I also love the mandala. That highly scientific and technical way of choosing colors really worked!!

    Blessed is such a good choice for word of the year. Mine is actually two words, Divine Order.


  3. Your inchie is great! You managed to fit so much into that tiny space. Your art work is wonderful as usual and I'd like to thank you for sharing that great colour selection tool...I am working hard at my colouring skills right now and that really sounds like a process I might just be able to manage! Hope your dog is on the mend, Dx

  4. I love the inchie, so much meaning in such a small space! I love the way you picked colors for the last piece. I have done that before with beads lol I think yours turned out better than mine did!

  5. What a beautiful inchie and nice to learn about the song.

  6. Always a pleasure to see what you have made 💗


  7. Fabulous tangles and inchie, love all of them.


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